Breast Retractor

Product Brief

  • To produce a retractor system that removes the need for a dedicated assistant
  • To provide light direct to the operative site
  • To provide a teaching aid for junior surgeons

Breast Retractor

The Mechanicals

  • A mechanical arm with 3 joints to represent the shoulders, elbow and wrist
  • One locking point at the elbow joint that instantly locks the entire arm in place
  • Tested to hold 10k full extension
  • Fibre light bulb into the blade
  • Universal arms allowing all kinds of retractors / devices to be retained

Surgical Applications

The retractor is designed to suit deep surgical fields, with the need for constant stability and lighting of the operating field.

It can be used in the following operations:

  • Axillary Clearance
  • Develop subpectoral or retromammary implant pockets for immediate breast reconstruction or augmentation mamoplasty

Breast Retractor Close-ups

  • Dissection of latissimus dorsi muscle for flap reconstruction
  • Latissimus dorsi miniflap
  • Subcutaneous mastectomy prior to immediate breast reconstruction
  • Subcutaneous mastectomy for gynaecomastia