Gamma Probe

The most advanced Gamma Probe?

Probe Display

  • One touch operation wireless probe
  • Precision engineered cordless gamma probe
  • Unrivalled 3 year warranty
  • On-site battery change
  • Designed and manufactured by the fastest growing sensor technology company in Germany

Gamma Probe System

Product Dimensions


  • Sensitivity for 99mTc* ≥ 18,000 cps/MBq
  • Spatial resolution: Full width at half maximum for (FWHM) for 99mTc* ≈ 7 mm
  • Shielding > 99.9 %


Silicon photodiode with caesiumiodid (CsI) scintillator for measurement of gamma radiaton (e.g. 99mTc*).

Size of probe:

  • Length: 250 mm
  • Ø probe: 18 mm
  • Ø tip: 12 mm
  • Weight: 190 g


Sentinel lymph node biopsy for types of cancer were metastasis occur in lymph nodes, such as malignant melanoma, breast, head and neck, thyroid, prostate or cervical cancer.


  • Ergonomically designed wireless stainless steel probe
  • Handling via 30.7 cm (12.1″) touchscreen panel PC
  • Bluetooth™ wireless connection between probe (≥ 10m)
  • Preset measurement parameters for different isotopes
  • Different user profiles can be stored
  • Various graphic and acoustic display modes
  • Quality control possible due to measurement recording
  • High security – no network access
  • High noise immunity against high frequency noise sources (coagulator, HF scalpel) and mechanical exposure
  • Panel-PC on table tripod, mobile stand as accessory
  • Very low energy consumption: battery life span > 65 operating hours, customary batteries manually changeable

Product and Delivery

  • Wireless Gamma-Probe
  • 12.1″ panel PCs with touchscreen and USB connection
  • Measurement and navigation software for Gamma-Probe
  • Metal table tripod, power cable, li-ion batteries
  • User manual


  • Mobile stand with stainless steel shelf
  • Sterile coatings for probe and panel PC
  • Li-ion batteries